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We help you lead hybrid & distributed teams that thrive and belong...

Our teams are highly-knowledgeable leaders who worked in fast scaling or large remote-first companies. We know your culture and employee experience have an immense impact on your failure rate in the new world of work. Let's design the best digital HQ experience together.

...and nurture autonomy and flexibility through async operations

Companies you see succeeding in a distributed environment have one thing in common: they ace at designing a way of work that allows them to scale processes and experiences to a completely different level. It’s not about where you work, it’s about how you make work happen.

Our expertise

Our experts accompany you through every step of the journey

Adapting your company to the new world of work requires you to think of all touch-points to succeed

Work from anywhere

Understanding the limits of hiring and working from anywhere to create thoughtful programs.

Leadership Training

Leaders of the Modern Workplace are learning to lead with empathy and keep momentum

Distributed Culture Design

Eighty percent of your success leading a global and distributed team is based on your culture.

Asynchronous Operations

Scale your workflows to reflect today's immense work flexibility and collaborate better together.

Inclusive Workplaces

The way we use offices has forever changed. It's time to rethink it's purpose and make it worth the experience.

Remote-First People Operations

Let's create opportunities for people to thrive and belong even when there are not in person

You promised a remote-first experience. It is now time to walk the talk.


We care about your success in this transformation

We work with your team to establish frameworks from the ground up.



They are at the center of the success story. It starts with how they are experiencing


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Work with us to design engaging distributed team programs

We work with you to achieve your goals in perfecting your remote or hybrid employee experience, scaling async within your org and set the foundation of your newly remote company.

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Our work didn’t go unnoticed in the world

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We know how to solve any situation differently

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learning and development

Improve your digital-first culture & operations

We designed keynotes and workshops on topics your team desperately needs
to succeed in the new world of work.

Eliminate those redundant meetings

In this workshop, your team will unfold past practices that might have been slowing them in implementing best remote communication practices. They will better understand how to work Async but mostly how to make it scalable through the whole organization and become internal thought-leaders. Last, we will work with your team to apply modern time agnostic management practices and replace redundant meetings and rituals into actionable Asynchronous Workflows. 

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Virtual leaders must master the art of facilitation

Learn new ways to make your meetings more engaging and discover the art of online facilitation, a skill that becomes very handy as we grow as a digital-first workforce. This workshop integrates exercises and activities that will make you experience a greatly facilitated meeting. You will learn the core skill of facilitation and why as a leader, this is the best strength you should develop to thrive in a virtual-first workplace.

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Your team wants to thrive and belong

Building connections and a strong team culture in a distributed work environment is not impossible, it just requires commitment. This workshop starts with uncovering your experiences and fears about remote work using storytelling to identify what's holding you back from improving how you work. You'll learn from others who share similar experiences and together you'll work on the foundations needed to build a thriving culture based on values and trust.

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Our company is ran by modern leaders and for modern leaders

Maureen Burke

People and HR compliance

Daphnée Laforest

AsyncOps & Virtual Leadership

Laïla von Alvensleben

Culture & Belonging

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide 1:1 support?

Yes. One of the key parts of our collective is to be there for leaders who have been assigned the role of "head of remote" in their organization. It can be quite an overwhelming mission. After assessing your company's readiness, we offer 1:1 coaching sessions following a roadmap we will agree on together.

What can we expect from your workshop?

Our workshops are designed to be very interactive and based on problem-solving. The session starts with a challenge you wish to find a solution for and ends with key action points. Since we want everyone in the session to participate, we recommend no more than 10 live participants. We do also provide interactive keynote presentations on several topics where participants are also interacting with the expert through polls and Q&As. Keynotes have unlimited participants.

What kind of Leadership training do you provide?

Through Workshops or Keynotes, we can customize our content to fit your learning and development needs for your managers. Evolving in the new world of work requires better soft skills such as empathy & trust, but it is still blurry for many as to what it means. Building team momentum in a digital world is also one of the main struggles. We are here to help.

Do you work with Hybrid companies?

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Absolutely. Hybrid work is among the greatest challenges of distributed workforces. As a global company with offices in multiple countries and timezones, workers working from home, in co-working spaces or in exotic locations, it is crucial for us to be present for companies who wish to offer a hybrid experience to ensure employees all have an equitable experience.

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